Waira S. Machida

PhD. student, Universidade Federal de Goiás, Brazil.

I´m a Bolivian and Japanese environmental science researcher that loves tropical biodiversity and its ecological processes. I am a biologist, master in Ecology from the University of Brasília, and I´m a Ph.D. student in the Graduate Program on Ecology and Evolution at the Universidade Federal de Goiás, under the supervision of Dr. Luísa Carvalheiro and co-supervision of Jesús. In the master's we showed how the recovery of woody plants in Brazilian savannas depends on a fire regime with an interval of at least 8 years. 

Currently, in my Ph.D. thesis, I try to understand the effects of vegetation properties and their interaction with the landscape on pollinators assemblages. We hope to demonstrate how the quality of natural and semi-natural fragments plays an important role in pollinator conservation. I like singing and cats, and I am always available for a chat, especially when there is an afternoon coffee.

Past team members

  • MSc students

Main Supervisor               -Iris Berger                                 (2020).                    University of Oxford, UK

Main Supervisor               -Vaughn Lewis                            (2020)

Main Supervisor              -Matthew Livesey                        (2020)

Co-Supervisor                 -Laura Velasquez Casallas            (2019)

Main Supervisor              -Carly Sivilia                                (2019)

                                         *Article from MSc. Thesis accepted for publication and Alfred Russel Wallace Dissertation Prize from.                                                  Oxford University.

Main Supervisor              -Julio Acosta                                 (2018)

Main Supervisor              -Kim Renkens                               (2016)                    University of Leiden, NL

Co-Supervisor                 -Koen Stam                                    (2016)

Main Supervisor              -Robbert Poldermans                    (2016)

Main Supervisor              -Jolien Morren                               (2015)

Main Supervisor              -Bastiaen Boekelo                          (2015)

Co-Supervisor                 -Andoni Santander                        (2014)

Co-Supervisor                 -Leon Marshall                               (2014)

                                         *Article from MSc. Thesis published: “Marshall, L…Aguirre-Gutiérrez, J. et al. Ecology and Evolution,                                                    2014, 4426-4436.”

  • Bachelor students

Main supervisor               -Izak Yasrebi-de Kom                     (2017)                    University of Amsterdam, NL

                                          *Published article from Thesis: “Yasrebi-de Kom I., JC Biesmeijer and Aguirre-Gutiérrez, J. Diversity and.                                            Distributions, 2019, (25), 1709-1720