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Jesús Aguirre-Gutiérrez
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Dr Jesús Aguirre-Gutiérrez

I am a NERC IRF fellow and a Senior Researcher at the Environmental Change Institute (ECI), University of Oxford.

My interest lies in developing a deep understanding of the effects of environmental changes on trait community composition across time and space. I study how the community trait composition of vegetation and insect pollinators responds to climatic and land-use changes in temperate and tropical rain forest. I am particularly focused on merging ecological and remote sensing tools as to understand the impacts of a changing climate on biodiversity and its contributions to people (e.g. pollination). 

My goal is to contribute to our understanding on the resilience of natural ecosystems to environmental changes and how such changes in biodiversity affects the functioning of ecosystems and their contributions to peoples' livelihoods.​​​

If you are interested in my work and want to discuss it further and or  are interested in carrying out a research project with me feel free to get in touch!

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